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Bring back Exosquad

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Exosquad was a 1993 animated series about humans being overthrown and oppressed by the Neo Sapiens, a genetically engineered race of beings originally created by humans for slavery.

The series centred on Able Squad, a group of E-frame pilots and their quest to liberate humanity from the Neos. E-Frames were the Japanese mecha inspired battle machines that could be linked to their pilots through a neural cable, providing faster response times compared to conventionally controlled vehicles. Exosquad was groundbreaking for a cartoon series as humanity was not portrayed as 'all good' and not all Neos were 'evil'; people actually died and storylines lasted for location and character based arcs rather than single episodes with no relation to the next. The lesson that no faction is completely good or bad resonates particularly because in real life we live in a world of prejudice and ignorance of one another.

After 52 episodes in two seasons, Exosquad was axed on a cliffhanger finale, leaving dozens of questions unanswered about the future of the epic storyline and compelling characters.

This petition is a plea for Universal to either continue the series for a third season, place all 52 existing episodes on DVD/BluRay for international release (rather than just 13 episodes of season 1 on Region 1 DVD only), re-screen them on TV or open the license to other studios and writers who want to take it further.

Exosquad deserves to be renewed because we fans want to know the fate of the humans and Neo Sapiens as they prepared to face a new enemy from beyond the solar system! I have started this petition because even after 22 years I still consider this animation my favourite ever, and there are others out there who may still remember it with great fondness.

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