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 We, sports stakeholders in Kenya comprising of Athletes from various sports disciplines, officials of sports federations, coaches, parents and well-wishers, under-girded by the National Values espoused in the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and in the spirit of the Sports Act 2013 and also the International Olympic Charter (IOC) make this petition to the;-

  • President of the Republic of Kenya – HE. Hon Uhuru Kenyatta,
  • The Deputy Vice President of the Republic of Kenya - Hon. William Ruto
  • Speakers of the National and Senate Assembly,
  • County Governors and Senators, all Member of Parliament and County Assemblies,
  • Centre For Multiparty Democracy (the NOCK elections electoral board),
  • Rtd. Hon Raila Amolo Odinga
  • Corporate World
  • The Kenyan public.

For far too long we have continued to witness perennial issues of incompetence, corruption and lack of accountability in National Olympic Committee of Kenya (NOCK).

We have a multitude of concerns but we seek to highlight the following:

  1. Lack of transparency in appointments to major events: Reappointment of Stephen Soi as Chef de Mission and other officials of NOCK for next year’s Commonwealth Games to be held in Australia. Once again NOCK officials have handpicked themselves to various positions to run the games and yet the same officials were involved with the 2016 Rio fiascos, where our Athletes were mistreated and officials stole money and uniforms belonging to the athletes. 
  2. Practicing of impunity: NOCK officials continue to operate in secrecy to Sports Federations affiliated to them and in many instances even amongst themselves, with only a few officials knowing what is happening. Awarding of scholarships is done in secrecy and any Federation or official who complains is excluded from benefiting on the little that trickles down. 
  3. Sponsoring of wrangles in Federations: NOCK officials have been sponsoring wrangles in sports federations for years, so that they can always have an advantage during elections. The stopping of elections on 5th May 2017 was sponsored by NOCK. The same lawyer who went to court is the same lawyer who is defending Soi in court and is the same lawyer who wrote to the office of the auditor general informing him that they cannot carry out any audit of NOCK since, those are his clients and he represents NOCK. Already, the same officials have sworn that NOCK elections will not happen and Kenya will be banned by IOC if they are not back in NOCK as officials. 
  4. Theft of Uniforms & cash awards: NOCK has a contract with NIKE and federations are supposed to be kitted annually but NOCK does not give the kit to federations and athletes instead they have been selling the uniforms and hiding them in their houses. Our athletes who win and make our national anthem to be played have also seen all their money stolen by NOCK officials as NIKE gives money for Olympic and commonwealth games medal wins.    
  5. We believe that our sportsmen and sportswomen who work hard to make a living out of sports are the best in the World and they must be given the best support and reward for their hard work. This will be made possible by;
  6. Urgent prosecution of NOCK and Federation officials who are colluding together in the mistreatment of our athletes and also stealing of uniforms and cash rewards. 
  7. Financial accountability: Central Bank declaring to the public the accounts being held by NOCK, so that the numerous accounts that are not known to Federations affiliated to NOCK is made known. Forensic audit must be done on all accounts and contracts that NOCK has ever entered into including the stalled building project at Nairobi’s Upper Hill. 
  8. Urgent holding of elections: The term of office of the NOCK officials is up but they still want to hold office. The elections must be held under the laws of Kenya with the Sports Registrar’s office ensuring that the elections take place on 29th September 2017 and any illegal bodies that NOCK are trying to push through have their officials arrested for operating illegal organizations. The Sports Registrar must ensure that no interference is entertained in the election process by the current NOCK executives who are trying to derail the process. 
  9. We believe that Kenya has abundant talent in all sports and our sportsmen and sportswomen are the best in the world and it is our obligation to create an environment where there innate talent can be natured in an environment for them to excel and realize their full potential both locally and internationally.

We append our names as a sign that we support this petition calling for you to:

  1. Have all the above concerns addressed and dealt with, so that Kenyan Sports can go back to its  rightful owners that is the Sportsmen and Sportswomen. 
  2. Under the powers granted by the Constitution of Kenya to bring order to NOCK by using the relevant offices that MUST work to stop the long suffering of our Athletes and destroying of sports which is a national heritage. 
  3. Instruct the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to investigate and determine if any further offences outside the current ongoing 2016 Rio fiasco cases exist in other areas. 

Kenyan youth toil hard to make it in sports but a few toil so hard to make sure the life of these youth in sports does not become an achievement, Bring back our Sports, clean NOCK up

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