Bring back Carl on AMC's The Walking Dead!

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The eighth series of the ninth season of "The Walking Dead" shocked the audience.  It turned out that Karl Grimes (played by Chandler Riggs) was bitten.  Fans began to build theories about how a character can survive.  The 9th series came out and all the hopes of the fans were destroyed: Karl killed himself from his pistol.  This decision was made by the former showrunner Scott Gimpl.  Karl is a very important character from the point of view of the plot.  The eighth series of the season showed that Karl can be a worthy leader and take Rick's place in the future. This character is still alive in comics and has a number of key storylines. Gimple killed this character only for ratings.

This step is the biggest mistake in the history of this show.  After such an unwise decision, the show may lose a lot of spectators.  Remember the premiere episode of Season 7, in which Glenn was brutally murdered (played by Stephen Yoon) and Abraham (played by Michael Kudlitz) - AMC know how much the show lost its audience.  In the case of Karl, losses can be catastrophic for the show.  Thanks to the "diligence" of the show, Play began to show the worst ratings.  This character was with us for 8 years!  Scott Gimple began to drive the show into the grave, killing such an important character.  He acted meanly and left this post, putting all responsibility on the new showrunner. In addition, Gimple betrayed the actor.  He wanted to see the actor on the show for at least 3 more years. This betrayal.  Fans in anger! 

We sincerely ask AMC and Angela Kang (the new showrunner) to return Karl to the series in any way.  Even if you re-shoot the second half of the season, either separate scenes, or make some kind of plot twist. Let's show Chandler Riggs how much we love him and want him to return to this project (if the actor agrees). You can save this show. We can!  

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