Support Sahaj Jalbodh & reconstruct the biodiversity in your watershed

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Dear Readers,

A Village with Devarai, Panchavati, Kund, Barav, Chari  is pure scientific concept of Indian spiritual culture which is timeless and can be adopted today also. The Jungle or Rai in Village besides providing the needed thick shade, it also exudes a variety of pheromonal secretions which are capable of cleaning environmental pollutions and mental pollutions of human beings, in addition to having high herbal and medicinal qualities, in truth it is an inexhaustible pharmacy on earth. 

As we see, a large number of drives been initiated for water conservation. Every year number of plantation drives initiated and lakhs of tree plantation happens but whether Forest area is growing? whether we reached to a strong and correct formula for getting rid of drought? The reasons of failure are either non-care and corrupt practices which are directly related to emotional attachment. There is strong need of developing bridge of emotion between scheme and its actually implementation and Sahaj Jalbodh Technique gives scope for the same.

Here,looking in to the local Ground water conditions, native plant types and earth pattern a design been selected to form a new biodiversity platform within watershed. It can be implemented on as small area as 10000 Sq.ft.  and can be as big as thousands of sq.m. design. It will also be source of income as well as a cultural awareness drive for re-establishing the nature.

It is requested to adopt the design on individual scale as well as pursue the same with NGOs and related Government departments also. 

वृक्षतोडीमुळे तापमानात वाढ, बाष्पीभवन प्रमाण वाढ परंतू पर्जन्यवृष्टी मात्र त्याप्रमाणात नाही. जमिनीवर पाणीसाठे, भूगर्भातील पाणीपातळी वाढत नाही. ही समस्या समजून घेण्यात का कमी पडत आहोत? भेडसावू लागलेले हे धोके रोखण्यात मानवाला यश मिळेल? 

सहज जलबोध यावरचा खात्रीचा उपाय. वनराई +लहान तळे+पुरचारी +पुनर्भरण याचे आदर्श मिश्रण. किमान १० गुंठे ते कमाल शंभर हेक्टरसाठीचा प्रकल्प. निसर्ग पुनर्स्थापनेप्रती कर्तव्य म्हणून एकूण जमिनीपैकी १० टक्के भाग याकरिता राखीव ठेवता येईल तर त्या गावशिवाराच्या किमान वनक्षेत्राची गरजही नक्कीच पूर्ण होईल जी पाणलोटातील हवामान, भूजलपातळी, मृदासंधारण इत्यादी दृष्टीनेदेखील महत्वपूर्ण ठरेल. यातून काही प्रमाणात शाश्वत उत्पन्न तर नक्कीच मिळेल परंतु त्याहीपेक्षा जास्त महत्व आहे ते परागीभवन, किड नियंत्रण, जमिनीची सुपिकता, मातीची ओल जे निसर्ग पुनर्स्थापनेसाठी आदर्श असेल. 

याचकरिता सहज जलबोध राबविण्याचा विचार करावा. खाजगी वा सरकारी माध्यमातूनही तो राबविला जावा यासाठी पाठपुरावा व्हावा हि विनंती. अधिक माहितीसाठी इच्छुकांनी पेटीशनरला संपर्क साधावा.