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Bring Animal Killing Artist, Katinka Simonse To Justice

Katinka Simonse, a 31 year old female living in Amsterdam, has been killing innocent animals and getting away with it. These horrible acts have been looked over because she killed these animals in the name of “Art”.  Katinka owns many animals and keeps them in horrible conditions.  She owns 60 hamsters in balls and remote controlled guineas pigs. She puts day old male chicks through paper shredders. She writes numbers on the snails in her garden to keep count of them.  Although she is not being charged by police, she has angered a good part of the animal loving world and definitely will be charged by them.  However crazy this woman may seem, she has given an explanation to why she does what she does and thinks it is ok.  To view a translated video of Katinka (TINKEBELL) giving her reasons,">click here.

The act that has angered most people about this case is, in 2004 Katinka Simonse killed her very own cat and then made it into a handbag.  There was some confusion on how she went about with the killing, but in this video she clearly stated at 1:10 that she snapped its neck. To view that video,">click here. It is not translated, but the message is very clear, as she even demonstrates how she did it.  Now you know the acts and the evil, but our work is not finished. Something must be done. We need to urge the Dutch government to obtain Katinka and sentence her to a very harsh trial for animal abuse.

Letter to
Netherlands State Senate
Netherlands Animal Rights Party
I am writing to request that you bring Katinka Simonse to justice and put a strong sentence to her in jail. She is barbarically taking the lives of innocent animals so she can flourish in her art career. Her acts were evil, inhumane, and were in violation of the law.

In Section C of the Treaty of Amsterdam, in the Protocol on the Protection and Welfare of Animals, it states that , “THE HIGH CONTRACTING PARTIES,
DESIRING to ensure improved protection and respect for the welfare of animals as sentient
HAVE AGREED UPON the following provision which shall be annexed to the Treaty
establishing the European Community,
In formulating and implementing the Community's agriculture, transport, internal market and
research policies, the Community and the Member States shall pay full regard to the welfare
requirements of animals, while respecting the legislative or administrative provisions and
customs of the Member States relating in particular to religious rites, cultural traditions and
regional heritage”

The Protocol is important because it recognizes animals as “sentient beings,” and because it
requires the Community and its Member States, in formulating and implementing the
Community’s policies on agriculture, transport, the internal market and research, to pay “full
regard to the welfare requirements of animals.” Therefore, the EU has the responsibility to
legislate to improve the welfare of animals, to prevent cruelty to animals and mistreatment in
areas covered by the Treaty.

This means that Katinka’s acts were completely illegal and in violation of this protocol. This calls for Katinka to be brought to court, and sentenced with animal cruelty and abuse. I and many others are urging the government make a change.

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