Bring Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy Home

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Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy is a Canadian citizen from Oakville, Ontario, who is currently serving an unfair, cruel, and controversial sentence of 40 years in a United States prison for charges of conspiring to commit terrorism. How did the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) entrap a 17-year-old Canadian minor, with a long history of mental health illnesses, primarily bipolar disorder?  

Despite having no criminal and violent history, a minor with mental health issues was lured online by FBI undercover agents into conspiring in the planning of a terrorist attack in New York that he would not have done otherwise. Both the FBI and the RCMP knew about Abdulrahman's mental illness, the latter unlawfully providing the former with Abdulrahman's medical reports; however, it was this fact that made him an easy target for entrapment.

His parents who have attempted to help their son by admitting him to treatment facilities in 3 different countries were worried about their son’s deteriorating condition and isolation. They were not aware of Abdulrahman’s online interaction with undercover law enforcement. During this time, Abdulrahman was not taking his medication. His parents had to pay out of their own pockets to see a psychologist since they were put on a waiting list by Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). They managed to get an appointment months later in May and proposed to go on a road trip to New York before Abdulrahman’s meeting with the private Canadian psychologist. The FBI arrested Abdulrahman upon arrival in New Jersey, strategically timed so that he would be 18 years old and therefore be an adult in court.

Since then, Abdulrahman has faced several problems such as lack of due process, representation issues, abusive conditions including prolonged solitary confinement, and human rights violations, Most importantly, he has not received the proper medical and mental health treatment he requires in American institutions. 

Canada should bring Abdulrahman back home where he would be easily supported by his family, community and mental health services. Abdulrahman does not have a criminal or violent past: he does not pose a threat to society. Canada should redress the actions taken by the RCMP and make amends for its violations of the Convention on The Rights of Child.

Abdulrahman needs your help and support. Abdulrahman’s family needs your help and support. 

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