Bring a Pump Track to San Carlos!

Bring a Pump Track to San Carlos!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Sonia Elkes

The need to focus on physical and mental health has never been higher, and just keeps climbing.

Pump tracks offer an ingenious “all ages / all wheels / all abilities”, high-impact, low-risk solution to a whole swath of modern troubles, with their exceptional promotion of physical, mental and social health.

They're beloved by kids, grown-ups, amateurs and pros. They offer fun, excitement, social connection, challenge and invite pushing past personal limitations. They also  extend comfort zones, promote independence and, especially important in a climate-changing world, foster a love of micro-mobility devices like bikes, scooters, skateboards, roller blades and easily accommodate wheelchairs.

They can be built-in or modular/mobile, and the surface can be paved, dirt, fiberglass or concrete.

So what are they?

In the words of Adventure Sports Journal: 

A pump track is a small, looping trail system that you can ride continuously without pedaling. Your speed along the pump track is dependent on your ability to gain momentum by “pumping” the tight terrain transitions of the track.

Once you’ve got your “pump” mastered, the track becomes a freestyle bobsled course complete with steep-bermed corners, smooth rollers, and criss-crossing interconnected lines. Well-built pump tracks allow top riders to complete a lap in less than 30 seconds while hitting top speeds over 20 mph – without a single pedal stroke mind you.

The origins of the pump track are rooted in the hardpack BMX trails of the ‘70s and ‘80s, and recently, in the backyards of Australian downhill racers who created some of the first pump tracks around 2002. The first new era pump track on American soil was built in 2004 at The Fix Bike Shop in Boulder, CO, by pro downhiller Steve Wentz. Rolling into 2008, pump tracks are popping up in backyards and empty lots all over the world.

The word is out that pumping is not only ridiculously fun, but also extremely rewarding. Using as little as 10 x 30 feet of land, a pump track builds confidence, strength, and lightning fast bike handling skills – not to mention the social benefits. Pumpin’ can be a party!"

Here's a Guide on to How to Ride a Pump Track:

More info and example images on What is a Pump Track here:

Where would a Pump Track in San Carlos go? It needs any flat surface and could go in a park, school or parking lot, or move from one to another.

What does a Pump Track cost? As an example, manufacturer American Ramp Company's simplest loop is ~$30,000 and needs a flat surface (<4% grade) that is  at least 60'x30'.

"Kids love them, amateurs love them, pros love them. Pumptracks should be in every town just like kids’ playgrounds or soccer fields. Pumptracks get people involved in sports, get them together, get them to have fun outside and do something for their health.” –Claudio Caluori, Founder of Velosolutions

18 have signed. Let’s get to 25!