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Bring 6 Month Old Jonylah Watkins' Murderer to Justice

Over 2,380 people have been killed in Chicago since 2008. The latest victim is 6 month old Jonylah Watkins who was killed on March 6, 2013.  We should use the tragedy of Jonylah's death as a catalyst to draw national attention to the problem and national resources to Chicago. Jonylah's death should serve as the reality check for us, as a nation, to make real strides to combat the cycle of violence in Chicago.

Letter to
Dear AMW Staff,
As you may have heard, on March 6, 2013, six month old Jonylah Watkins was murdered in Chicago. On behalf of her grieving family and the concerned signees of this petition, we respectfully request that AMW air Jonylah's story. Jonylah's father is cooperating with the authorities to capture her killer(s) but they remain at large. We hope that airing the story on AMW may bring justice for Jonylah and her family. On a larger scale, we hope this tragedy will bring national attention to the 2,380 individual tragedies that have occured in Chicago over the past five years and help garner support and resources to combat the cycle of violence. We understand that your staff must receive hundreds of requests. We therefore thank you for your time and consideration.