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Ban The Food Zone

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This petition is to ban the food zone at brine leas high school. Reason being that the whole point about school is to bring us up for the future. When we leave school and get a job, I shall not be looking for the food zone. There aren't designated areas where we have to eat out of school so why should there be one in school. Also the canteen in school is not big enough to fit everyone in. In the winter we do not want to be sat outside eating our food or else we will more than likely catch a cold and then we will be off school and according to sky high standards that isn't showing 'resilience'. Besides no one buys food from the canteen just to smack on the food on purpose so we aren't littering. If teachers can eat wherever they fancy I really don't see why we can't. We are all young adults now not primary school children and we deserve a bit more trust in us. All in all there is no point in the food zone. 

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