Remove Mobile Towers from Residential Buildings and Reduce Radiation related Health Hazard

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Hello #ORLEM.. especially #orlemites living in Demonte Lane in & around Fern Hill Apartments. This is regarding what’s needed to take care of yourself & ur loved ones.

There is a mobile communication tower on Fernhill Apartments, We recently got the radiation levels checked. We found out the radiation is much above the safe zone. I think the people in our area must be made aware of this. As it has a connection to brain tumour and cancer. If you could inform the people you know in and around Fernhill. We had approached Fernhill but they refuse to do anything as they are paid in lakhs for the tower. 

The worst part is when the authorities come to audit the radiation levels the tower operators get advance information and reduce the power of the signals in advance so that the readings are normal during the audit. The society people are also aware of this...

We have already experienced this ..

We need everyone’s  support to remove these hazard creating towers

Requesting everyone to pls spread the message and get this petition signed by all residents so that we can use this response and approach the concerned Authorities and request for the removal of these towers.

On request the detailed radiation could be shared for reference and understanding.