Improve well-being of individuals by acting against faulty installation of cell towers

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A cell phone tower has been installed in May, 2018 on a bungalow named Laxmi Kunj based on an approval granted to them by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) on 25th April, 2018.

We have been continuously following up with the MCGM protesting against the installation of the cell phone tower on top of the bungalow for the following reasons:

1)      The bungalow is surrounded by higher buildings on three sides, exposing these buildings to radiation. Towers are installed at second floor level.

2)      Two towers are camouflaged with a rectangular box around the antenna. Therefore, we do not know how many antennas are there and where they are facing.

3)      The distance of these towers is not as per the guidelines. The buildings around are at a distance of 17-20 m from the towers.

4)      Distance for multiple antennas as per the guidelines should be more than 55-60 m from each building.

Since the towers are surrounded by 4 buildings at a very close distance and at the same height, radiation from these is very high as checked by these societies. These high doses of radiation can cause multiple diseases like brain tumours and other chronic diseases. In fact residents of nearby buildings are already complaining of headaches, sleep disturbance and body ache in a very short period of time. In long run, they can be very hazardous.