Clean Public toilets for women on Highways (in mumbai city and outside) and Parks

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Clean Public Toilet facilities are needed in Mumbai as well as outside.  While travelling on Western and Eastern express highways (especially when there are traffic jams for hours), women have no choice of using a toilet facility since they are absent.  Similar is the case with the Pune Mumbai express highway.  From Mumbai (western suburbs) till the Khopoli toll a clean toilet is almost absent.  Same is the case with the state highways not just in Maharashtra but also other states. One has to compulsorily be at the mercy of restaurant owners who may / may not allow one to use the facility.  Same is the case with Public Parks (run by BMC) - in most cases where there are toilets, there is no water and the seats are broken and dirty.  

A simple solution to this :  Create Public toilets (Pay and Use is best).  An equal number of Indian and Western commode systems. Employ people to manage it -  it is their responsibility to keep the place clean and have a system where in complaints can be filed if the toilet is found unclean.

Under the flyovers in cities like Mumbai and in highways close to toll Plazas or every 5 kilometer stretch. Have rain water harvesting facilities so that they are self sustainable. A dirty toilet without water makes no sense.