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Build a Rehab and Safe Haven in Moncton New-Brunswick.

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I am a single mom of 3 beautiful children . This year in March as I was playing outside with my toddlers I discovered a loaded needle in my yard . One of a parents worse nightmare . I quickly realized how big of a problem it is here in Moncton after I started my volunteering with Needle Dogs Moncton . Needle Dogs Moncton have recovered over 5700 needles and paraphernalia.  


-Building a Rehab and a Safe Haven would make it safer for the community for people and animals. 

-we would save money on Health Care 

-Addicts could get help wen ready.

-The crime rate would drop.

-The mortality rate would drop.

-It also create jobs. 

Regular users who use Safe Havens are 30 per cent more likely to enter addiction treatment.

As a mother of 3 I am a strong believer that we need this . More important making it safe for the future.  I have so much compassion and love for addicts I know how this world can be very cruel . I am a recovering addict . Let's set a good example and show that we care . 






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