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Renault leave family footing the bill

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This RENAULT CLIO lemon could have killed me or my family of 6 and the company still won't refund our money or replace the vehicle. 
Our email to Renault:

All Renault employees,

You are well aware of the lemon, Renault Clio you sold us 3.5 years ago as it has all been detailed in previous emails. Despite numerous attempts you have refused to admit the car is (under consumer laws) a lemon and have used your "corporate power" to ensure that myself and my family have not been in a financial position to fight this out in court as should be our right. You should be ashamed.

Today at approximately 5:00pm I collected our lemon from Waverley Renault after returning it for yet another two warranty issues, being a leaking timing cover and a door handle that would not work. Once again we were without our car, but of course "it's covered under warranty" would be your response. Don't worry that we are without a car again and it's inconvenient for us as a family of 6-"it's under warranty".

So I drove out the driveway, through a set of lights and would have been maybe 800 metres down the road when the car made a strange noise and then a warning light came on and a message. Check cruise control. Then it went off. The another light came on (amber) and a message saying check injectors came on. At this point I made a left turn into a side street to head back to the dealer. Then all lights went off and I thought good I should make it. Then suddenly the car sped up on its own and I started to brake. Could you imagine if our children where in the car or my daughter was driving and killed her younger siblings and parents, herself and other innocent road users!? Then ALL the lights came on and a message which read "Engine Failure Hazard" came on and the car lost all power. I pulled over, locked the lemon and headed back to the dealer.

To save you counting, that's FOUR BREAKDOWNS now.

Back to the dealer I went, no phone on me (why would I need one I was just picking the car up), and there I call my wife to let her know I couldn't get home. Doesn't help because she is way off getting one of our other kids while the others are at home with their sister. But don't worry, we are still under warranty!

So Service lady (SL) looks at me wondering why I'm back at Renault, and after calling my wife I fill her in with what happened. I leave her the keys and I walk home. I don't know this, but my wife has now called Renault. Apparently I was rude and threw the keys at SL. No, actually I calmly told her what had happened and left because I was too angry to stay. I have very good conflict resolution skills due to my line of work.  SL tells me she will speak to her manager and call me. If I was so rude why didn't she say something to me at the time? I shouldn't have been angry, I mean 4 breakdowns for a car since new is average right? And it's still under warranty yeah?

SL also states to my wife that the lemon passed all the tests prior to me picking it up so it must be something we were doing! I am an experienced driver with defensive driving training and my job requires me to be able to safely operate many makes and models of vehicles. I can assure you it wasn't anything I did unless driving a car 800 metres is the wrong thing to do then I admit all fault. I stupidly believed that when I handed over THOUSANDS of dollars for a brand new car it would come with the right to drive it while I had it. Silly me. I mean that's how it works with our Mazda. Pay. Drive.

SL also tells my wife she could have given me a loan car. I guess she could have. She didn't mention it, and I didn't ask, because if it was a Renault I didn't have time for 2 breakdowns in one night and just wanted to get home at some stage. I also don't fancy being hit by someone who can't drive and then being asked to contribute some absurd amount of excess for a car that isn't mine. I have two cars already that i insure and drive. Ok, you're right. One car I drive (the Mazda) and one I get to drive sometimes when it's not on a tow truck.

My wife and SL have words, and to be honest I don't blame my wife. We are sick of hearing it's "got warranty" and that it will be fixed. It never seems to be does it? There's always something. It's OK for you and Jacinta and all your cronies, you're not constantly being stranded are you? Or inconvenienced? Of course not. You guys don't seem to care about the financial and logistical realities of a family of six. But we do, because we are the ones paying for a faulty product that Australian law recognises as a lemon. We are the ones constantly worrying if we are about to be killed, kill our kids or someone else due to the constant malfunctions and faults of this Clio.

So I do ask: How do you sleep at night knowing YOUR product causes us all this grief and possible death or injury? Soundly? Dreaming about warranty? Or do you toss and turn wondering if your customers are satisfied and have a good product or even if they are safe driving 800m? Because we sleep terribly wondering how long it will be before this Reno Clio lets us down again or worse maims or kills one of us.

You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves, all the way to the top. You should have done the right thing when it broke down the third time (if not before) and refunded us the payout on our remaining lease for the car to allow us to get out of ownership of this lemon.

I'm even more disgusted with Renault and the so called "Customer" service than previously - and I thought that was impossible.

From the Australian Govt website, but you seem to think this does not apply to you.

Does Australian Consumer Law protect me?

If you’ve unexpectedly bought a lemon car, then you may be able to turn to Australian Consumer Law to help you solve the problem. Unfortunately, Australian Consumer Law doesn’t provide protection for all kinds of car purchases..

Cars bought through dealerships

Australian Consumer Law applies to all new and used cars bought through car dealerships.

Guarantees for cars bought through car dealers

Like other products that are protected by Australian Consumer Law, new and used cars bought from a car dealer have the following guarantees:

1. Fit for purpose

Cars bought from car dealerships must be ‘fit for purpose’. Getting the help of an expert to check the car for you can avoid some of the hassles of thoroughly examining the car, especially if you’re not a car expert yourself.
Whether you get help from an expert or not, Australian Consumer Law doesn’t expect you to find hidden problems with the car, since they aren’t easily detected. So that means that car dealerships can’t refuse helping you with your lemon car issues even for hidden problems.

2. Acceptable quality

Another consumer guarantee is that the car you bought must be of an ‘acceptable quality’. Your whole car is covered, so the entire vehicle must be of a satisfactory condition. Your car dealer can’t argue that only part of the car is covered, while part of it isn’t.

3. Free from defects

The car you bought also needs to be ‘free from defects’. The car dealer needs to guarantee that the car has no faults when you bought it from them.

Also, car dealerships can’t force you to get the car serviced with them after you’ve bought it. They can’t say that the consumer guarantees, like the ‘free from defects’ guarantee, only apply to buyers who have their cars regularly serviced with them. You have the right to get your car serviced anywhere, and the consumer guarantees still apply even if your car is regularly checked up elsewhere.

4. Must last for a reasonable amount of time

Your car needs to ‘last for a reasonable amount of time’. Car dealerships can’t shield themselves from this guarantee by claiming that they will only fix cars if the buyer has bought an extended warranty. The reason is because extended warranties don’t change consumer guarantees, and you are entitled to a solution from the car dealership if the car didn’t last for a fair period of time.

What if my lemon car has a ‘minor’ problem?

When any of the four consumer guarantees are not met after you’ve bought a car from a dealership, then you have the right to try and get an appropriate solution from the dealer, even for minor problems.
Australian Consumer Law says that if your car has a minor problem, then the car dealer is required to fix it within a reasonable time.

What if my lemon car has a ‘Major failure’?

If the car you’ve bought from a dealer has a major failure, then you’re entitled to a replacement or a refund from the car dealer.
What is a ‘major failure’?

You have the right to seek a replacement or refund from a car dealership if your car has a major failure, but there may be an argument between you and the dealership about the term ‘major failure’.

The motor vehicle sales and repairs industry guide to Australian Consumer Law explains that a ‘major failure’ is a problem with your car that is so significant that a reasonable consumer would not have bought the car if they had known about the full extent of the problem. This could mean that the car you bought is unfit for its normal purpose, unsafe, or very different from the description or demonstration model that was originally shown to you.

What if the dealer won’t give a replacement or refund?

If you can’t get a refund from the dealer for your lemon car, but you believe the car you bought has a major fault, then you should contact the Consumer Affairs or Fair Trading body in your State or Territory.



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