Brighton & Hove Council: Stop the planned development of a 7 bedroom student house next door to an elderly man. #SaveMikesHome

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Mike is 77 years old, he has lived in his little terraced house for over 40 years in the Coombe Road Area, Brighton.

About 5 years ago, a developer converted the house next door to him into a student house, he has had to put up with everything that living next door to teenagers that have just left home brings. He has tried to soundproof his bedroom and deals with this as best he can.

In March this year, a property developer who already owns a number of other houses in the street bought the house on the other side of Mike and is planning to convert this 3 bedroom house into a 7 bedroom student house!

How can an elderly man continue to live in his home if he is surrounded by up to 14 teenage students on both sides?

It cannot be just or right that a property developer can buy a 3 bedroom house and convert it into a 7 bedroom student house, without asking permission of his neighbours or the council and not taking into consideration the health and well being of people that will directly impacted by this profit making scheme.

Neither neighbour agrees with the development but the council have approved the HMO application by the developer, which allows him to do this, the developer who clearly feels it is morally right that he should cram 7 students into a small house, next to elderly members of our community, so he can increase his rent yields with no regard to the people that will have to live with the consequences of this development.

This is wrong and downright unfair, why should the council's policies prioritise the rights of property developers over the needs of families and the elderly living in this area? Why should Mike be left with a choice of living miserably in his home or moving our of the area?

It is the council's job to protect vulnerable members of the community, it is the council's job to support elderly people to live independently and it is the council's job to ensure that everyone is treated fairly by their housing policies.

This development must be stopped now!

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