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Warren Morgan and Brighton and Hove City Council: begin a review of council Executive pay

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Once again, cuts to funding for Local Authorities by central government mean that Brighton and Hove's city council find themselves scrambling to find money from somewhere, with £24 million of cuts to be forced through in the budget to be decided at the full council meeting on the 23rd of February.

These cuts will disproportionately affect the most disadvantaged members of our communities, from the hundreds of families living in temporary accommodation, to adults with disabilities, and the 4,500 young people, many of whom have nothing else, who are helped every year by the Youth Collective, and who are set to lose these vital youth services due to an 80% cut in funding. 

Not only this, but ordinary working families will be forced to pay 3.99% more council tax for less services than before, as the council looks to taxpayers to help meet the budget requirements.

However, although those of us already suffering from years of austerity - young people, disabled people and ordinary workers and their families - will pay dearly for these cuts, both financially and socially, the council's Executive Team will see themselves protected.

The 16 individuals who make up the council's Executive Team earn a total of approximately £1.5 million a year, with the Chief Executive, Geoff Raw, earning more than the Prime Minister. This means that a 30% reduction in yearly Executive pay would be equal to the proposed 80% cut in funding for vital youth services in the city.

Warren Morgan and the Labour led council have repeatedly refused calls to review the salaries paid out to council executives, stating they are in line with the rest of the country.

We say that this doesn't make it right, or even tolerable. If these cuts must be inflicted on our communities, then we should share the burden of the cuts together. Time and time again, we are told the cuts must come from somewhere, but they only ever seem to affect those of us already struggling, and not those making decisions. 

Please sign this petition, so as we might try to force Brighton and Hove's Labour led council to review executive pay and share the load of these vicious cuts more evenly - more fairly - across our community, rather than targeting those of us already struggling to get by.

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