Keep Medicaid an acceptable form of insurance in BYU-Idaho #acceptmedicaidbyui


Keep Medicaid an acceptable form of insurance in BYU-Idaho #acceptmedicaidbyui

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Brigham Young University-Idaho is no longer accepting ACA compliant full-coverage Medicaid as an acceptable form of health coverage as an insurance-waiver option, health coverage which thousands of students rely on to cover their health care needs. If BYU-Idaho goes forward with eliminating Medicaid as an acceptable form of coverage, this will be a financial detriment to the students, and their families, who must look elsewhere for a plan that fits their circumstances. BYU-I students coming into the next school year without coverage will automatically be enrolled in the school's Student Health Plan, which will cost $536 per semester per individual, or $2,130 per family per semester.

Course of action

The purpose of this petition is to spread awareness to this possible change to coverage acceptability. We strongly urge BYU-Idaho to give BYU-Idaho students, both individuals and families, the ability to choose appropriate healthcare for themselves, including medicaid. We will continue to organize as a student body for as long as we need to until the administration publicly announces their acceptance of medicaid as an appropriate insurance-waiver option.

As a course of action for the students of BYU-Idaho, both current and future, as well as alumni, we ask that you message your respective school administrators to implore them into steering away from this harmful policy change. We must protect our low-income and international students who benefit from this coverage and keep BYU-Idaho a safe financial investment into education for years to come.

Please continue to spread the message and also join the student created Facebook group "Accept Medicaid BYU-I" for more resources and updates on future events. Also use the hashtag #medicaidbyui and #acceptmedicaidbyui on Facebook and Twitter to share how this policy affects you, a family member/or friend, or to simply give your support to those that will be affected. Raise awareness and help the voiceless in this good fight 


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This petition made change with 12,008 supporters!

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