I love the BYU Honor Code.

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BYU is a one-of-a-kind, private, religious University. Attending BYU is unlike anywhere else because of the spiritual environment, high standards, and true-blue school spirit. The existence and enforcement of the BYU Honor Code positively contributes to and facilitates the educational and spiritual attainment that Students and Faculty seek.

Unfortunately, there is a petition with over 22,000 signatures which seeks to remove curfew restrictions, dress and grooming standards, and bedroom visiting restrictions.  We do not support an overhaul of the honor code.  We welcome any procedural/enforcement changes the University sees fit to implement.

UPDATE: The petition with 22,000 signatures has changed its text! This is great! They erased the demand to remove visiting hour restrictions and curfew.  Although it did include those demands when most of the signatories signed it, this is a great step.  Unfortunately, the petition still seeks to remove dress and grooming standards (long hair, beards, modest clothing, and piercings).  Most of these are written into the Strength of Youth and aren't unreasonable to require of students at a Church School.  It also suggests removing the Honor Code Office entirely and going to a "self-reporting" system.  This is not desirable as the Honor Code would essentially have no "teeth."  In order for any law or code to be effective, an enforcement/accountability organization is vital. Without any counselors to help students live the honor code, it would essentially become meaningless. 


The Honor Code Requires:
- Modest Clothing
- Clean-shaven faces
- Living a Chaste Life
- Honesty
- Striving for Spiritual Development

The Honor Code Prohibits:
- Premarital Sex
- Alcohol, drugs, and other addictive/abusive substances
- Visiting the Opposite Sex in their Bedroom
- Cheating

The full Honor Code can be accessed at this link:

My name is Ben McKay and I am a law student at BYU. I have been at BYU almost 8 years now (almost a Provo all-star). I have loved my experience here and chose to come here partly because of the honor code. I haven't been perfect at living it - I have my scruffy days. But striving to live the Honor Code has kept me out of a lot of trouble and has greatly benefited my learning experience! I love what the Honor Code demands of me and the Spirit and unity that comes as everyone does their best to live it.  I hope the BYU administration will know that we love and support the BYU Honor Code and the faculty that enforce it.

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At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!