Encourage BYU to Clarify Policy Regarding Pornography

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A plague of pornography is facing us as a student body at Brigham Young University. An approximation of 82% of men and 34% of women on campus have sought out pornography in the last year. 

Then pair this statistic with the Honor Code that says: “Involvement with pornographic  material…  is not permitted. Violations... may result in actions up to and including separation from the university.”

We think: “What if the Honor Code Office finds out that I struggle with pornography? What if I get kicked out?” So we stay silent. We keep it hidden. We struggle alone. Many of us have expressed that we won’t get help until we graduate - because we worked hard to get here, and we can’t risk that. The fear of being removed from the university has silenced thousand of students. 

In reality, the Honor Code office handles each case prayerfully and situationally with plenty of resources and hope for recovery. Rarely if ever are students expelled due to pornography. So why is this compassion and hope not expressed in the Honor Code?

We need BYU to clarify this policy. We need a space created where we feel like we can get the help we need without fear of expulsion. Is BYU a unique place? Absolutely. Does that mean we are exempt from struggling with porn? No. We don’t want to tear down BYU’s legacy— we want to build upon it. It’s time for hope at BYU. It’s time for healing.

We, the undersigned, feel that BYU's policy regarding pornography has the proper intent, but its meaning is misunderstood by the student body on a large scale.

Rather than demanding sweeping changes in policy, we simply ask that BYU publicly clarify their stance to help students feel comfortable seeking the help they need.