Allow nurses to use all their skills to save lives in all states and territories

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Depending on which state or territory that the patient becomes ill in, leads to their nurse being able to give them different life saving interventions. For example,if you fall ill on the south side of the NSW/Qld border, an appropriately trained nurse may not be accredited to insert an advanced airway - the gold standard intervention. They may not allowed to use a manual defibrillator to treat your critical heart rhythm - so your treatment is delayed. Both of these examples increase the likelihood of your death.

The same nurse, 1 km north in Queensland, with the same qualification can intervene, as long as you have fallen on the north side of the border. 

A nurse can be fully trained and qualified in South Australia to use the National Immunisation Handbook, to identify the correct vaccination to give a person, then give it, without a doctor's order.  However, should the step across the border out of South Australia, they cannot access the same Australian Immunisation Handbook,  identify the correct vaccination to give the same child, and cannot give it.  Why, because  the South Australian training is not recognised outside of SA and the NT The training in Victoria is not accepted outside Victoria, and so on. 

When a nurse changes state or territory, every qualification except their basic degree must either be repeated, at a cost to them, or different parts of their training is recognised in different states and territories.

 The Advance Life Support Level 2 training is the same qualification undertaken by doctors and nurses.  They do the same study, the same exams and must meet the same standards.  However, the nurse can only use different parts of their training in different parts of Australia.  Same nurse, same patient, different location results in different care standards. Immunisation training is on a national handbook, but if you do not pay and train in state, you cannot protect a person from vaccine preventable illnesses.  

Australia has a healthcare lottery, that results in the same nurse with the same giving different standards of care because our qualifications are not fully recognised nationally.  Make all qualifications undertaken by nurses nationally recognised, and allow them to use all their skills to improve the health outcomes of all patients, regardless of where they are.