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The Battle for Net Neutrality

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Do you want start paying for Internet access, emails, text messages, and so much more? Most people like how the internet is now without paying for it so why change it? We don't have to pay for internet now because of Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is the principle that internet service providers allow us to view whatever we want on the internet without having anything blocked. It keeps our right of Freedom of speech and allows us not to pay extra to use certain websites. Without net Neutrality service providers can block websites they don't want us to see.

Our Kean University critical reading class feels it's important to save net neutrality because we all use the internet freely on a daily basis. We would like to raise awareness to stop companies from restricting and putting a price on the internet because we believe it would negatively effect our community. We plan on raising awareness outside of Kean to our friends and family by sharing this petition and doing other activities on campus.

We care about Net Neutrality because it directly effects our generation. We grew up using the internet and using it whenever we chose for free. If we were forced to pay for using certain apps and websites we wouldn't use the internet that much anymore. Think about what the future would be like if we had to pay for the internet and its necessities instead of using the internet how we use it now. 

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