Fund Mr. Resto's position: Dean of Discipline and Restorative Justice at Curiale School

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Mr. Resto is an urgently needed part of our restorative justice, security and safety system at Curiale school: helping students find ways to change inappropriate behaviors in private and with dignity, creating support groups for prevention and helping almost every person in the building with conflict resolution using restorative justice circles and community building activities. His programs connect many partner organizations with our community and he functions as the communication center of all of our positive change initiatives. Many of us cannot imagine the next year without his tremendous positive influence. Please help us as we continue to seek funding to keep him connected to our worthy students at Curiale. Click on the red "read the letter" area below and then click the "OK" button to add your signature. This petition will let our district leaders know how important you feel it is to fund Mr. Resto, an essential resource for our school community and Curiale families.