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Our valley will not tolerate bullies

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This petition is for any member of our community who has witnessed and been disgusted or offended by the 'graffiti' spray painted across the house in Cross Street(opposite Mississippi kebab shop for those who don't know).

For parents who walk their children up and down that hill every day,for anyone who detests the idea of a person being scared in their own home,all thanks to the bullying,gang mentality of a bunch of cruel imbeciles.

A chance to sign your name and say,'I don't want people who are capable of this on my doorstep,around my children and grandchildren'.
This valley is a great place to live,it's not just 'back in the old days' that people would smile in the street and pass the time of day with just about anyone,most of us still do that now!

More and more we hear people say there are a lot of strangers in the valley but why does that have to be a negative thing?Smile,reach out,ask a question and you may find this stranger isn't a stranger for very long!

Just a few days ago,a friend(incidentally,this friend was a stranger to me until a matter of months ago) mentioned that it was 3 years since she'd come to live in Wales and our valley.

The comment she made was this,and i quote it word for word,"A place that has welcomed us with an open heart.."
Isn't that amazing?Isn't that how we,as a community are at our best,warm,friendly and willing to give any stranger the chance of becoming a good friend.

As long as the same courtesy is extended in return,of course.

The family involved in this are without courtesy,without empathy and have no doubt been amused at what they have caused,that the lady who lives(alone) in that house is too scared to sleep in her own home.

This family have caused trouble with various people in the valley,at best over petty issues but as seems to be their mindset,over nothing at all and have been evicted and moved around several times already.

This is our chance to say aloud,our valley will not tolerate bullies,we will not sit back and pretend we don't see the foul words,the sliced cables,the cheese-smeared windows and then refuse to think about who might be inside that house,living with this every single day.

For anyone who is willing to say 'We want them out',please sign.

Yes,this should be a job for the police but the police have actually voiced this opinion,'If the community' would rally around and let it be known that we're angry,upset,helpless but will stand by and give our support to any victim of bullying,it will be a 'massive help to them in pushing the due process through more quickly and more efficiently'.

I apologise to anyone who hasn't actually seen this before but better here than huge,silver letters on your windows i'm sure we would all agree?

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