Call for an inquiry into the investigation, prosecution, and conviction of Keli Lane

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In 2010, Keli Lane was convicted of the 1996 murder of her infant daughter, Tegan.  

The Bridge of Hope Innocence Initiative has been investigating Keli’s claim that she is innocent and we believe that this is a significant case of miscarriage of justice.

The prosecution had provided no evidence of death, no evidence of murder, no forensic evidence that a baby had been harmed at all, no meaningful evidence of motive, and no confession.

 Now ABC TV’s  Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane has revealed that:

  • the police investigation had not been completed when the matter went to trial – far from it
  • an internal memorandum had conceded that the police investigation had not reached the standard of proof required
  • the decision to prosecute was made because the case ‘raised values’
  • the police investigation continued during the trial, swamping the defence with vast materials
  • the only two witnesses who could support Keli’s story were either overlooked or traded away and never called to give evidence at trial
  • the police decided not to collect certain phone records that could have confirmed Keli’s story
  • there was strong material contradicting any prosecution theories about motive that was not put before the jury

This case shows how unjustly women can be treated before the law.

In our opinion, Keli’s investigation, prosecution, and conviction represent a gross miscarriage of justice. 

We urge you to sign this petition for a full inquiry


Bridge of Hope Innocence Initiative.