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Prevent the BOE from firing Mr. Patrick Dowling. Grant him Tenure!

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Patrick Dowling is a good man, an excellent teacher and a very good coach. He has been teaching and coaching children for over 20 years in multiple districts through out the state of NJ. 3 years ago, he applied for, and was hired as the Head Football Coach at Brick High school. Mr. Dowling did absolutely nothing wrong, but he was immediately a target in a politcal firestorm, which he had nothing to do with. Many thought the coach should have been from Brick. Mr. Dowling was only given two years as football coach before he was dismissed from that position. Now, for purely political reasons, this BOE has denied Mr. Dowling tenure in his teaching position, in essence firing him from his job. This concerted political vendetta against Mr. Dowling has gone way too far. This is no longer just about coaching, now they are impacting Mr. Dowling and his family by taking his job away from him. This vindictive political action has gone too far and must stop. Please do the right thing and tell the Brick BOE to stop the politics now. Tell the BOE to do the right thing by granting Mr. Dowling the tenure he deserves as a teacher in Brick Township!

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