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Ban importing elephant trophy hunting into the US once again

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The Trump administration plans to allow hunters to bring trophies of elephants they killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia back to the United States, reversing a ban put in place by the Obama administration in 2014.

Savanna elephant populations declined by 30 percent across 18 countries in Africa from 2007 to 2014, according to the Great Elephant Census published last year, which put their remaining numbers at just over 350,000.

The elephant population declined 6% overall in Zimbabwe but dropped by 74% within one specific region.

Elephants are exceptionally smart creatures. They have the largest brain of any land animal, and three times as many neurons as humans. While many of these neurons exist to control the elephant's large and dexterous body, these creatures have demonstrated their impressive mental capabilities time and time again. 

Why would anyone want or allow to kill such intelligent, beautiful, defenseless creatures? 

Please sign the petition and protect the gentle giants from becoming "trophies".

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