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Season Two of 13 Reasons Why

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We, the people, need answers.

Does Bryce go to jail? Does Jessica's dad kill him?

Why oh why did Tyler have guns?

Zach! What happens with him?! 

Does Marcus finally give up on his perfect image?

DOES ALEX SURVIVE?! How does his dad/sir react?! 

Does Courtney get punched in the face? I will happily volunteer to do this. I can't act well. I'll have to actually punch. Sorry.

Does Courtney come out?

What happens to self harmed girl? Does she get better?

WHAT HAPPENS TO CLAY?! What does his poor tortured mother say? Does she go to court? 

Hannah's parents. Do they win at court? What happens when they hear the tapes? 

What happens to Mr Porter? Sneaky sneaky dude.


There are so many questions we need answering. I don't know how any of us invested viewers will ever find peace without knowing the truth. Whatever that may be.

I don't care if it's a film or a series or a book. I don't. Send us the answers on a Twitter DM we don't care! Please Jay Asher. Please Brian Yorkey. PLEASE NETFLIX WE NEED ANSWERS!

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