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Please Eliminate daylight savings time for a Healthier Community.

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Eliminate daylight savings time for a healthier community. This antiquated practice can be linked to increase the following;

DST can affect both your body clock and health. Studies show that there is an increase in both heart attacks and road accidents in the days after clocks are set forward 1 hour in spring.

More Heart Attacks

Being tired can decrease productivity, concentration, and general well-being. Studies have found that setting the clocks forward for spring increases the risk of heart attacks, road accidents, and sleep problems:

Traffic accidents increase on the Monday following the start of DST. Tired drivers are the main reason.

Depression Trigger

Losing 1 hour of afternoon daylight after setting the clocks back to standard time can trigger seasonal depressions like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or winter depression. A Danish study found an 11% increase in depression cases during after the seasonal change. The cases dissipated gradually after 10 weeks.

However, when it comes to car crashes and DST, there were less accidents after switching back to standard time, probably due to another hoour sleep.

Disrupts the Body Clock

It can feel a little harder to get out of bed on Monday morning after springing forward 1 hour on the Sunday morning.

It may be difficult to get to bed at the normal time on Sunday night after the start of DST.

Children may feel tired and cranky for several days after an hour's change in their bedtime routines.

Please take 30 seconds to gain an hour of your time. You can also reach the Governor at;

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval
Executive Chambers
Capitol Complex
Carson City, NV 89710

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