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Brighten Up the City of Las Vegas

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Hello everyone, my name is Maritza Miramontes! I am a freshmen at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and on my way to becoming a Registered Nurse in my city's local hospitals. In my adolescent years I'd always strive to better my community in any way  I saw fit. I'd donate clothing and household necessities. I'd frequently participate in feeding the homeless. I even volunteered at Three Square, a food bank that provides food assistance and benefit applications, for nearly three months about a year ago. As you can see the wellness of my community matters to me and that is why I've chosen to pursue a career in Nursing. I am here today to present an issue I've seen a lot lately and I'd like to do something about it. 

Las Vegas is a prime time tourist attraction and many people come her for the lights and glamour they experience in the heart of the city known as The Strip. What many people fail to recognize is that Las Vegas, Nevada is also home to 600,000+ people. All of which reside all over the city and not just the pretty parts. Big well-known parts of this city are actually quite dark and desolate and our people have to journey through these parts on a daily basis to get to and from their destinations. It is no surprise that danger lurks in the darkness and predators await their victims there, however, it is especially taunting when someone dear and close to you is personally victimized in this sort of situation. 

While there are many cases that fit the scenario my family has first hand experienced two unfortunate events quite recently. On Friday September 15, 2017 my grandmother was attacked walking back to her car from the ATM. It was dark and she hadn't heard anyone approach so she carried on as usual. Right before she got to her car a young male came up behind her and started hitting on her and pushed her to the ground in order to take her belongings and flee. On Saturday September 30, 2017 four kids were hit by a car trying to pass another vehicle in the street, apparently the driver "did not see" the kids on the sidewalk. Three of the four kids died instantly. Two of the three kids were my cousins. They were only 12 and 14 years old. While the lack of lighting wasn't the ONLY issue here, it sure had an impact. These examples here are only TWO of the MANY incidents that happen all over the city in the darker poorly illuminated places. 

To fix this very frequent issue, I suggest we add more lights to dimmer parts. It's that simple. Las Vegas is under construction nearly 95% of the year anyhow. It wouldn't hurt to make some changes that would greatly benefit the lives of the vast majority of the city. 

I'd particularly like to see changes on the East side of Las Vegas, Summerlin, and even the Henderson area.

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