Keep Pemberton Scotia Bank from closing its doors on our community!

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The powers to be at Scotia Bank headquarters have decided to close the Pemberton BC Branch. This will be crippling to our joint communities in so many ways:

Local job loss, access to customer service, local mortgage, insurance and financial planning, walk in banking (a lot of our elders and senior community use this type of banking primarily) commercial banking, cash deposits, cheque deposits with immediate withdrawals, having to travel to Whistler for the closest branch (risk of being cut off in any inclement weather or highway accident and is nearly impossible if you don’t have a vehicle) people who have poor or no internet access to do online banking, cash transactions that immediately feed into our local economy, adding an extra hour plus travel time to those already travelling to bank here from remote rural areas and so much more. Please support our fight in letting them know that Pemberton branch is worth saving, it is an essential institution in our community and needs to be for our rapidly growing communities! Email Brian Porter and sign today!