Open Up Manitoba's Businesses NOW!

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I made this petition to make sure that Manitoba opens up safely, but soon! This issue affects us all and we need change now! Please sign and share with others!

Manitoban businesses have been suffering for over a year now, while our Premiere Brian Pallister is playing games with our income, our livelihood, and our families. Most businesses are suffering at minimum, with many of them starving and having to close permanently. 

Big box stores are all open selling the same products you normally would, while you are sitting waiting and praying that Mr.Pallister and his team will do the right thing and OPEN UP! But they won't! The restrictions are getting worse by the day and longer with each update. 

Its time to have our voices heard! Until now, the majority of us have been silent, but not any longer! We need to make noise and we need to make it clear to our Conservative government that we will not sit and take it any longer!

We all have safety as our priority right now, but that doesn't mean we can smother the businesses that we have poured our heart and soul into. 

Open up Manitoba! Do it safely but do it NOW!

In additon to this petition, we encourage you to phone and email your local MLA and tell them the same, we can change the narrative, and we can do it TODAY!

MAKE SURE you send this to your friends, and share on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages, we can only put pressure if we are a large enough group. Make sure to use the hashtags #OpenMB #ManitobasVoice 

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Thank you all for reading and supporting this great province!