Manitoba Small Business Owners Need Your Help in 2020 During This Pandemic

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Even though CEBA loans were announced in Canada this week, they don't resolve the combined lease and debt payments Manitoba small businesses are facing.  If we are closed for a minimum of two months due to COVID-19, we won't ever have an opportunity to make up that revenue and have a small window of time to ask for the support we need.  When we do reopen, we predict customers will only come back gradually.  We'll be operating at a loss for a long time and business experts have agreed that we need other resources in place.  Expecting us to somehow, with that margin, pay back a loan is not viable.

We are asking for the local community to sign this petition to request a lease subsidy program for small businesses in Manitoba.  While cash flow is on hold, we need this in place so we can keep the doors open.  We are the backbone of Manitoba's economy and need your help to speak out so we can stay alive long term.  Without quick action, we're going to see many businesses go under but this can easily be prevented with your support.  We are requesting for our provincial government to provide a full lease subsidy that businesses don't have to pay back and that is the only solution.  We're counting on you!