Lift restrictions on non-essential business operations, all businesses are essential.

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Join in signing this petition to open up all Manitoba businesses now! We have to give our community, neighbours and local businesses support. Families are losing their livelihoods and everything they worked so hard for.

Small business owners were following the strict protocols the same way as the big box stores that were deemed essential. It is unfair to pick and choose who can and cannot sell items, to determine which items are considered essential or non-essential.

Having businesses re-open will not only stimulate the economy but it will give all Manitobans a bit of normalcy back. It is good for the mental health of thousands of people living here. We also need to remember that not everyone has access to a credit card and ordering online. Opening up is a real need.

This petition is a peaceful, respectful and safe way to have our voices heard. Please take a moment to pass it on to others and sign it yourself.