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We are calling on Brian pallister to return organized sports to Manitoba immediately. The parents of Manitoba are concerned for the mental health and physical well-being of all of our children.  With the proper protocols in place, we would like to see the kids back actively competing safely. As a community, we have the proper guidelines in place to insure the safety and well-being of the children are put first and above all else.  Hockey clubs all over the province have provided sanitizer stations at every entry and exit to events.  Every team has a covid officer that keeps track of who is in and out of that area.  They also screen for covid symptoms prior to entry. The dressing rooms are sanitized before and after every practice/game.  There have been time limits set; 15 minutes before ice time and 15 minutes to exit the arena.  Players come 95% dressed so it reduces amount of contact in dressing rooms, parents have been limited to one spectator per game but we have collectively found other ways, such as live streams, to watch our kids have fun playing the game they love.  We understand that educationis an absolute necessity, but we believe the mental & physical health is equally as important and should not be pushed to the side.  I have had numerous conversations from parents in Manitoba that have noticed anxiety, depression, etc develop in their children over the last year.  This could have detrimental long term affects on their mental health. We need Brian pallister to move forward on this matter immediately before it’s gets worse for these kids hockey is more then just a sport here is a quote from one parent to another I hope you read this all and understand why sports are important.



One of my friends asked "Why do you pay so much money and spend so much time running around for your son to play hockey ?" Well I have a confession to make: I don't pay for my son's hockey. Or his skates, pads, helmet, and uniform. Or his ice time, clinics and camps.

So, if I am not paying for hockey, what am I paying for?

- I pay for those moments when my son becomes so tired he feels like quitting but doesn't.

- I pay for the opportunity that my son can have and will have to make life-long friendships.

- I pay for the chance that he may have amazing instructors that will teach him that hockey is not just about a game but about life.

- I pay for my child to learn to be disciplined.

- I pay for my son to learn to take care of his body.

- I pay for my son to learn to work with others and to be a proud, supportive, kind and respectful team member.

- I pay for my child to learn to deal with disappointment, when he doesn't get that score he hoped for, or fell during a breakaway he has practiced a thousand times, but still gets up and is determined to do his BEST next time...

- I pay for my son to learn to make and accomplish goals.

- I pay for my son to learn that it takes hours and hours and hours and hours of hard work and practice to create a champion, and that success does not happen overnight.

- I pay so that my son can be in the rink instead of in front of a screen...

I could go on but, to be short, I don't pay for hockey; I pay for the opportunities that hockey provides my child to develop attributes that will serve him well throughout his life and give him the opportunity to bless the lives of others. From what I have seen for many, many years, I think it is a great investment!