Immediately remove Cameron Friesen as Minister of health, seniors and active living.

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People of Manitoba, for the last 30 days, we’ve seen incidents of COVID-19 rapidly increasing in Manitoba, especially in the “for profit” long term care homes in the city of Winnipeg. 

Our government and our current minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living, Mr. Cameron Friesen have proven to the citizens of this Province that this Progressive Conservative government cannot handle the gravity of the current covid situation in Manitoba. Mr. Friesen has not done his job when it comes to our health or our senior citizens.

The current government of Manitoba and Mr. Friesen in particular have had at least 6 months of lead time to proactively change protocol and policy to prevent the long term care disaster that we’ve witnessed in other parts of the country from happening here. Instead, the minister has been busy speaking at an anti-mask rally and accusing Manitoba doctors of “sowing chaos” when pleading for money, supplies and help. This is a blatant failure of the health file.

Mr. Friesen has failed seniors by ignoring the goings on in for profit care homes in Ontario and Alberta earlier in this pandemic and by not proactively making any changes in our LTC homes to prevent outbreaks. 

We will all get old some day, most will require medical care. Some of us will end up in long term care. Do we want to see these atrocities happen any longer?  I definitely do not! Imagine being left to die alone because your care home cares more about profit than it’s residents. 

We the undersigned demand that Premier Brian Pallister immediately remove Mr. Friesen as minister of health, seniors and active living.