Allow citizens of Manitoba to cultivate marijuana in accordance to federal guidelines.

Allow citizens of Manitoba to cultivate marijuana in accordance to federal guidelines.

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Thomas A. started this petition to Brian Pallister

Our provincial government of Manitoba has decided to go against federal guidelines, denying citizens of Manitoba the right to cultivate up to four marijuana plants of their own. This has been done using faulty evidence, and will only result in the citizens of Manitoba having less freedoms than the rest of our nation.
The following is a collection of evidence to support the importance of allowing the citizens of Manitoba to cultivate marijuana in accordance to the tabled federal guidelines:

-Canadians have the right to equal protection and benefit of the law without discrimination.
If Manitoba denies us the right to cultivate on our own, our citizens will be arrested and imprisoned for actions that are federally approved in the rest of the country. This will result in our citizens having less rights than the rest of the nation, while also preventing us from having a benefit of the law equal to other citizens.

-Preventing independent cultivation allows the black market to be the cheapest alternative.
Most today will always look for the cheapest alternative. With independent cultivation laws, the cheapest alternative would be to grow it yourself. Without the laws in our province, the cheapest alternative will be to buy it at a discounted rate from people who are growing in other provinces. This will create a black market for marijuana that is specific to Manitoba.

-Preventing the significant savings of independent cultivation creates an incentive for citizens to leave the province.
The current average Canadian income is just over $25 000. It is not difficult under the federal guidelines to grow $5000 per year on your own. This would save the habitual smoker 1/5th of the average income. This is more than enough to entice many of our citizens to leave our province and the provincial economy behind.

-Mould damage as shown in many examples only occur when plants are being cultivated in large quantities and in a rushed process.
It is very unlikely that four plants would be able to cause significant damage. Mould damage only usually occurs from marijuana cultivation when it is being done for illegal purposes. Four marijuana plants have the same potential for causing mould as four large houseplants.

-Tomatoes share the same indoor growing process as marijuana, yet hold no public concern.
Herb patches and various plants are already grown in many homes in the province without widespread damage to property.

-Allowing people to cultivate on their own prevents much of the financial burden that comes with habitual usage of a substance.
Under the currently planned federal laws, a good grower can yield 1/8th of an ounce per day on average. If the citizens have the ability to grow this on their own, they can completely remove the price of the substance from the equation. This will mean that widespread legalization can be done while avoiding much of the poverty and financial distress that came with alcohol addiction at the end of prohibition. We would be limiting the negative effects of legalization by ensuring that marijuana usage does not become a financial burden on our citizens who use it habitually.

-Allowing independent cultivation would not damage the legal marijuana industry.
Has the fact that you can grow vegetables in your garden destroyed the vegetable industry? It has not, and independent cultivation would not damage the marijuana industry either. Many of our citizens would not be interested in cultivating on their own. These citizens would be buying from the industry. The marijuana industry will also be largely focusing on edibles and concentrates, as exampled in other areas that have legalized. Every grown product industry still survives while we have the right to grow the products ourselves.


The negative impacts of ignoring the federal guidelines far outweigh the positives. We cannot allow ourselves to have less rights that other Canadians. We cannot allow our policies to place the black market as the cheapest alternative. We can not allow lies about the danger of cultivation hinder our laws when logic dictates that houseplants are already widely grown across the province. We must not let fear damage our freedom. We have very little time to act, we must unite now to renounce the decision of our provincial government. Please share this and help spread the message. We need to gather as many people as we can to stop this decision. Preventing independent cultivation in the province when the rest of the country has the legal right to do so removes every incentive of legalization. If you agree, please sign the petition now, time is running out.

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