Remove MPI As A Crown Corporation And Allow Private Vehicle Insurance In Manitoba

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MPI, as a crown corporation, is too comfortable with its monopoly on vehicle insurance in Manitoba, and operates with that exact knowledge to the detriment of regular Manitobans.

This issue can simply be remedied by the government of Manitoba removing the "crown" designation to MPI and opening the market to private insurance.

Personal story
My name is Dylan Stroski and I am sick and tired of myself (and others) being consistently lied to, and extorted, by a company that has no competition and therefore forces all Manitobans to comply with its rules.

I recently was involved in an accident wherein I got t-boned by another driver who ran a 4-way stop sign. My car was struck so hard it spun nearly 180 degrees in the middle of the intersection and was a complete write-off. The drivers-side rear door was crushed, along with my back axle which snapped in half. I took pictures of the final position of my vehicle, and talked to the other driver who was clearly shaken-up. I was incredibly lucky to be able to walk away from the accident.

However, I did not anticipate the other driver to lie to MPI. Since there were no witnesses, and the punishment for telling the truth is exactly the same as lying and being proved wrong (i.e. 5 demerits) I'm not even sure if I blame her for taking this course of action, even if it is morally reprehensible, since she's just playing the system to her benefit. MPI was all too happy to make this a 50/50 at fault situation, even after seeing my photos and hearing my story, since 50/50 meant more cash in their pocket. The adjuster I talked to said she didn't know anything about car physics and couldn't deduce anything from the photos I showed her. Yet, those exact photos I sent to the adjuster (one of which is posted above) were then warped to the point of being unrecognizable and are now sitting on the claim file as such. I even talked to her manager who told me that she believed me, but for no legal reason couldn't change the file from 50/50 to the fault of the other driver. MPI clearly and obviously, in my mind, did everything they could to subvert the truth just so that they could make extra money off this claim.

I decided to take my fight to court, but I was now being forced to try and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that what I was saying was true. I tried to argue that if the other driver was stopped at the stop sign, she could not have been going fast enough to spin my car as far into the intersection. She claimed I had suddenly "appeared", to which I argued that I would have continued through the intersection after contact since my momentum would have pulled me through if I was going fast enough to suddenly appear. When the other driver was asked if she stopped at the stop sign she responded with, "I can't remember." The judge then decided, a few weeks after the evidence was presented, that it was still 50/50. I did not receive an explanation, just a letter in the mail with the decision.

So now I am stuck without a car, and unable to afford my license (since this is the second time MPI has lied to me and given me 5 demerits) and I wonder to myself how many other people in this province has MPI screwed over for money. Through my anecdotal experience, it is a lot. I now pose this question: if crown corporations are created to perform a duty the government feels the private sector cannot adequately do, what do we do when the crown corporation becomes corrupt and does not represent the best interests of the citizens it's supposed to serve? My answer is to remove MPI as a crown corporation and to open Manitoba's market up to private insurance. If I had private insurance, and presented them with my evidence, I'm sure they would have fought for me so that they wouldn't have had to pay any damage that arose from the claim. At the very least though I could have switched companies if I was treated anywhere near the same level of contempt as I had been with MPI. If you agree that MPI is no longer the best option for Manitobans please sign this petition, and force our elected officials to listen to us.

If you have decided to sign this petition please share this with as many people as you can. Use the hashtag #EndMPI and recount stories of your own to help drive home the point. We can do this!