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Reverse the foreclosure of Faith's home and approve a loan modification

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Faith Parker is a widowed, 80 year old, retired school teacher. All of her life she has followed the rules, helped others and been a giving person. Throughout her life, Faith has worked very hard, typically working two jobs one as a LVN in the evening and a teacher during the day to take care of the financial needs of her family.  

In 2007 Faith found out that one of her daughters was diagnosed with a catastropic illness, had no financial resources to take care of her medical and financial needs and was permanently disabled. So, Faith obtained a loan with Countrywide bank of help her seriously ill daughter. Soon Countrywide Bank failed due to fraud and a number of banking crimes and was purchased by Bank of America. Bank of America currently owns the assets and loans that were owned by Countrywide.

In 2009 Faith was approached by Bank of America and offered the opportunity to obtain a loan modification.

She wanted the loan modification, contacted Bank of America, she was told that the bank didn't give loan modifications for current loans, that she must be in arrears to get a loan modification, so-following their advice, she stopped paying her notes and followed the bank's requirements. She and her daughter followed all of the banks many requirements from 2009 to 2011. Paperwork was repeatedly lost by the bank, she was told conflicting information repeated by the bank's customer service representatives, and she was told something different by the bank representatives everytime she spoke with a bank representative. It was all very frustrating. and frightening as these activities influenced her home.

She complained about the treatment that she was subjected to by Bank of America's representaives and to the Office of the CEO. In response to ther concerns, she was assigned in a letter from the CEO, a Workout Negotiator named Eric Parra, given his phone number and extension, and told that he was going to contact her. She and her daughter called and left repeated messages on Mr. Parra's voicemail daily from the period of July 23, 2011 to November 2011; four and 1/2 months - never communicating with him and never getting a call in response. When she asked for help, she and her daughter were referred to many bank representives who all told her conflicting information as well.

At the first loan modification denial; the bank representatives told her that they had denied her request for a loan modification, stating that she "didn't submit all of the requested paperwork in a timely manner". So, when asked if the bank would reconsider her loan for a modification, the bank representative said yes.

She submitted another completed package four days later via fax, then waited for months, called an average of three- four times weekly for updated onthe status of her request.

When she asked for reconsideration for a loan modification, the bank again said that "they couldn't prove that she lived in her house". She asked what would satisfy them that she did live in her house, they said that she should send a current copy of a utility bill with the address on it - she did. Still no approval.

The bank had a final reason for denying her application for a loan modification, now claiming that she had two loan modifications with the now defunct Countrywide Bank. Prior to applying for a loan modification with Bank of America, she had received no notice that there were limitations of any kind (except income requirements) to obtaining a loan modification.  According to her records, she only had one  loan modiification with Countrywide, and asked Bank of America for proof of this 1st and 2nd loan.

In response for her request for proof of alledged two previous loan modifications, she received a valid copy of the first loan modification and a second typed form made out by Countrywide indicating that it was an agreement for a loan modification with no signatures and no notorization.

Faith did not request nor have a second loan modification with Countrywide, ergo, Bank of America's reason for denying her loan modification was not valid. 

The waiting and wondering for a loan modification continued from 2009 to 2012.

After waiting and wondering further, Faith became involved with the Los Angeles Occupy and Occupy the Hood Movements, attending peaceful protests, being interviewed by the media, speaking at a local church panel and having friends post a petition online. Soon after the petiton was posted, she received a call from a representative from the Office of the CEO of Bank of America - offering to "assist her in obtaining a reversal of the foreclosure and a loan modification" and after that conversation, she was assigned another individual in the office of the CEO, Kelly Thompson, to assist her. She and her  daughter clearly explained that there had been a mistake in regards to her residency; she lived in her home, that she had only received one loan modification from Counrtywide (not two as was claimed) and the newest representative from Bank of America said that they would, "Work with her".

While awaiting a response to the most recent updated information packet as requested by the bank and being assured by the representative assigned by the Office of the CEO  that "no eviction would take place while the bank was evaluating the information". On the morning of May 16, 2012,  this 80 year old widow had the fright, dismay and suprize of being evicted from the home that she has owned since 1962.

That very morning, minutes before the eviction, her daughter had just received a call from the Office of the CEO acknowledging that they had received the requested financial package and they they were evaluating the material and encouraged her not to worry, "No eviction would take place while they were evaluating the paperwork". While moments after hanging up the phone, Officers were knocking at Faith's door to evict her from her home.

"We're working with you" .

Bank of America's Office of the CEO "worked with her" by evicting her from her home!!!

Please help Faith tell Bank of America to reverse the foreclosure, let she and her disabled daughter move back into their home and be approved for a loan modification.

Faith has sufficient income to pay the notes for her home, but she does not want to continue to be misinformed, misled and displaced by Bank of America any more.

This 80 year old widow has worked very hard to retire with a roof over her head and all of her possessions in one place only to find that Bank of America is unwilling to assist her resume paying her mortgage and in helping her keep her home.

Please sign this petition so that Faith, her daughter and friends can deliver this petition and the signatures of her supporters to the Office of the CEO of Bank of America to compell them to reverse the foreclosure, approve a loan modification and allow her to move-back into the home that she has owned for 50 years.

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