Stop VDOC from Policing Periods!

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Contraband has existed in jails and in prisons since before the invention of tampons and menstrual cups. There are multiple methods in which contraband is smuggled into correctional facilities. 

The VA DOC recently issued a new policy in regards to contraband and visitors. This policy would prevent individuals wearing tampons and cups from visiting with incarcerated individuals. 

At the Virginia Menstrual Equity Coalition, it is our belief that the choice of menstrual products is an intrinsically personal decision - based on health, culture and comfort. The choice of menstrual product one uses should not prevent visits to family and friends. Preventing the smuggling of contraband should be the responsibility of prison staff, not that of civilians exercising their rights to visit.

We demand that Brian Moran, Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, rescind this policy immediately and re-exams the issue of oversight and accountability in prisons and jails.