Create Star Trek Funko Pops for every series!

Create Star Trek Funko Pops for every series!

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Only Star Trek Beyond, The Next Generation, and the original series have Pop! Figures, as well as a couple of Discovery pops. I would like to change this. Funko needs to start producing Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and Picard! We also demand pops from the movies!

Do we have Kahn Pops? Or Morn? What About Janeway? Star Trek is one of the most influential and popular sci fi franchises. We have over 30 seasons and 13 movies! Anyone else remember the excitement of the Xindi story arc? What about the Dominion War? How cool would a Jem' Hadar Pop! be?

This opens lots of doors for Funko, and would probably be a pretty good business idea! So if you like Funko, or are a passionate Trekkie sign here!