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Tell Comcast to play fair

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Let's all ask Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts:  Play nice with your business customers!  Be upfront and clear about penalty fees for early termination and remove the clause that demands continued compensation for service even if a business closes or moves to a location where your company doesn't provide service.


Comcast allows their customers to end their internet/cable service contract only if it's a residential account.  If you're a business account, your company is forced to continue paying for service even if the business closes its doors or moves to a different area where Comcast service isn't available.

This impacts the small, "Mom and Pop" stores greatly.  Companies my size don't have the ability to pay for internet service that is no longer being used.  This can be hundreds to thousands of dollars owed to Comcast.  

Not fair.  It's also not fair that Comcast does not disclose this significant detail upfront, in a reasonable manner, to their business customers.  A 1-to-3 page contract is signed that has no mention of this penalty fee.  An internet link is provided on the contract but the penalty fee detail is not provided.  A customer has to read through pages and pages of detail before another link is disclosed.  Click on that and still, that significant penalty fee detail isn't disclosed.  Click on enough links, read through scores of minutia, and eventually you'll find information on this penalty fee.  That's unfair and unreasonable.  

Does Comcast listen and respond?  

Well......Their customer service agents respond quickly once you voice your frustration on their forum.  However, it quickly turns into a brick wall when the customer service rep explains that they will not remove the penalty fee and if you write to the CEO, the CEO won't read your letter.  He will simply forward it back to the customer service rep and "we'll have the same conversation all over again."

Hopefully, if the thousands of customers who have lodged a complaint on Comcast's forum will sign this petition, maybe it will eventually get to CEO Brian L. Roberts' desk.

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