Justice for the "Groundhog" that was shot by Carroll County sheriff's deputy

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A Carroll County sheriff's deputy shot and killed defenseless groundhog that was holding up traffic Monday May 7, 2018 


ELDERSBURG, MD In an unconscionable act of cowardice and public endangerment, a deputy of Carroll County Maryland Sheriff's department shot and killed a groundhog on a well travelled street. 

 The sheriff's department refuses to release the deputy's name who fired his weapon and killed the defenseless groundhog. 

 The groundhog wandered onto the highway slowing and stopping traffic. Whether, as alleged, the animal moved toward the deputy is of no import as he had the safety of his vehicle and wooded area nearby. Additionally, he could have used some means to scare the groundhog off the highway rather than resorting to shooting and killing the animal. 

Paraphrasing the deputy, "The groundhog failed to comply with his orders."

He fired his weapon endangering civilians in traffic. Potentially, there could have been other people on foot, or a ricochet.

This was a needless act of public endangerment along with animal cruelty that clearly shows this deputy's lack of thought and inability to properly react to a situation. 

This is breeding season and most likely the groundhog was being protective or if female, perhaps pregnant. The County's Humane Society states no tests need to be conducted which contradicts why the deputy shot and killed the groundhog he claims the animal was a danger or sick ? Groundhogs rarely contract rabies. If in fact they thought the animal was acting strangely or sick, why not test ? Well my theory the groundhog was not a threat to the public and was being protective. There are many ways to have secured the animal and  releasing him or her back into its environment.  His actions violates laws against discharging a firearm in a populated area. Additionally, this is clearly an act of animal cruelty that's being covered up by not releasing the deputy's name nor testing the animal to see if it in fact was sick. 

We the undersigned ask and demand that he be immediately fired as an officer of the law having displayed his lack of mental fitness for this position. Further, that he be criminally charged, and face legal consequences as would anyone else for discharging a weapon in a populated area, when in fact there was no eminent threat, just tiny defenseless groundhog lost and scared and trying to find its way back home.

A law enforcement Officer takes a sworn oath  to protect and serve the well being of all, this act is senseless and shameful and shows reckless behavior . 

Petition created by Suzan Acosta and Louis Eagle Warrior 



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