Reopen the Georgia Governor's Mansion to Public Tours

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Governor Brian Kemp, in the interest of the Georgia economy, has issued an executive order ( - to reopen certain businesses and loosen restrictions on healthcare providers. However, the Governor's Mansion is not open to public tours until further notice ( due to health concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We think that a civic education is essential to a healthy and functional society, and as such, we petition that the Governor's Mansion be opened as an essential business, subject to the same constraints as the other businesses that will be opened by this executive order. They can and should implement social distancing, guest limits, additional disinfecting, and other sensible measures.

If restaurants, bowling alleys, gyms, movie theaters, cosmetic salons, and massage parlors can be safely opened, we se no reason why the Governor's Mansion cannot lead the way in demonstrating that with sensible precautions, Georgia can be ready to return to work.