Justice for Mary Rankin

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My mother has been incarcerated for almost 20 years for a murder that she did not commit; A murder that my brother confessed too.  A murder that was preceded by an abusive relationship that ultimately ended in the death of her husband. Despite her being a battered woman, her case still went before the judge as a regular murder case.

There is a statement from a witness that was in the same car that states he witnessed her husband punch her repeatedly in the head and witnessed him being beat by two men; she was still convicted of murder and aggravated assault. Additionally, there are five eyewitnesses who further corroborated the police and forensics reports but my mother was still charged with felony murder based upon the unsupported testimony of a single witness, a 16-year old at the time, who said my mother ran over her abuser twice.

The prosecutors painted her as a career criminal who was hiding out under an alias name, but that failed because my mother had never been charged with any crime before and was carrying the same last name as the man she married. If in fact, she did run over him with a car, vehicular homicide carries a year in jail in the state of Georgia so why wasn’t she charged with that?

Apparently, Georgia’s legal system convicts on the basis of color and race. My mother was convicted even in light of the testimony of five eyewitnesses who all testified that her husband was punched down and stomped? Although my mother took no part in injuring her husband, her charges seem to stem from her merely being there. And since no real reasons could be found to charge her, the state of Georgia did what it has historically done to Black people i.e., deny them any semblance of justice and put them in front of an all-white jury that is guaranteed to find us guilty, even if we are not. This is an injustice and needs to be rectified.

My mother’s incarceration is a violation of her constitutional right to a fair and partial trial by a jury of her peers. The judge was white, the prosecutor was white, her lawyer was white, and the jury was white; none were where she was from, nor represented her economic or social situation. The evidence of my mother’s innocence is overwhelming so I am reaching out to everyone, anyone, that can help me get justice for my mother!  Free my mother! #Justiceformaryrankin