Gov. Kemp, please endorse Marijuana Legalization in Georgia

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As the owners of two small neighborhood bars in downtown Atlanta, we think the post-COVID world will be very different for many businesses and workers in Georgia, including our own. Although we have not always supported Governor Kemp, we think there is an opportunity for him to help Georgia transition into what the new economy will look like. Now is not the time to try and force something that no longer exists back to life. Now is the time for a forward-thinking vision.

There is one option available that is completely non-partisan and most Georgians agree on: the full legalization of marijuana for recreational and medical use.

  • Legal marijuana will give Georgia much-needed tax revenue in our post-COVID world.
  • Legal marijuana will provide new jobs to thousands of people in the service industry suffering from unemployment and offer small businesses the chance to transition to a new model.
  • Legal marijuana will provide another avenue of income for our agricultural community.
  • Legal marijuana will get people out of prison, give law enforcement the chance to pursue real crime, and it would clean up the record for tens of thousands who never deserved this mark. Any legalization should include the commuting of sentences and the expunging of records.

We understand that we’re not talking about a simple process, but there are now many models to learn from around the country. There are non-profits, universities, and bi-partisan groups of legislators that have researched how to make this happen. What Georgia needs now is Gov. Kemp's voice signaling marijuana legalization is on the table. This decision could help all Georgians move toward a better future with a new industry and with an act of good will toward those whose lives and communities have been devastated by over-incarceration.