Wrongly convicted autistic disabled man needs justice

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Hello there. I am Marcus King, I am starting a petition for those who've be kind and helpful to get notices for an family member who's autistic disabled man named Brian Keith Towbridge, who forced to turn himself in to the police on June 19th, 2017, for a crime he didn't commit on burglary charges.

If he were to be convicted, he'd be looking at 20 years in jail and I'll feared for his life, his health and well-being.

 His bond as I was told by an attorney when I was looking for him and what his bond was;

$750,000 I'm baffled and shocked to hear this back.

He's currently as of now being held up on Lucas County Corrections in Toledo Ohio and am hopeful that somebody of kind hearted, understanding and patience group of social media warriors, lawyers, attorneys and the public reading this as this is urgent matters of life and death for an autistic disabled man if he doesn't deserve justice.

I'm on social media platforms as under the moniker as "MartellThaCool" on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and many more creating awareness. I'm stressing, demanding justice for a man who doesn't deserve this at all and he calls me every day as I'm unable take his phone calls as the Lucas County Corrections isn't accepting of my credit card and I'm disabled myself.

I am pleading for help as it's crushing both of us as we speak now suffering.

Please share this petition to the world to see.

Sincerely appreciated and humbly thankful of those reading this,

Marcus King. 

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