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Real Survivors Doesn't Need Icons

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Between 0.56 - 0.57 Dayz Standalone developers will add icons (many icons) to game . But we don't want to see our status as a icon ! We can understand when our character is speaking like: "I want to drink something" .Please stay "hard to stay alive" line . We dont want to escape easily , if something wrong with my character , i want to find with exploring. 


Character messages are enough!

"I'm dying of dehydration"

Please real survivors please support, i know you love the play hard survival games and Dayz have to stay this line and Be a amazing simulator.We are not cyborgs and we have not nono suite like Crysis ! We cant see icons about our health , durability . If we re shaking we have to fire .If i can see my body temperature icon on my screen why i need the thermometer in game ?. I dont want to see my visibilty like a REAL LIFE .

Vote and share other survivors !


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