Remove liberals from government

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We the people of Canada need to remove Justin Trudeau From  Prime Minister and remove liberals from making any decisions about Canada and this is why.  As for the Trans mountain pipeline our PM refuses to enforce laws already put in place that will shut down all protester and the BC government from stopping the pipeline to be built.  All because he thinks hes got a chance of a second term.  Also we need a government that will stand up for the citizens of Canada and stop all these illegal immigrants from crossing our borders.  We also need a Government that can actually answer questions on there actions not blame the previous government as there reaction to every question put to them.  Also we need a government thats not taxing there citizens out of homes just because they like to spend money and not be held accountable for it.  We also need leaders that want to build employment not one that destroys it.  Albertas energy sector when running at full speed employs people canada wide and the biggest employers is in the oil sands up around Ft Murray.  Justin is trying to shut all that down.  And theres a lot more thing this liberal government is doing to destroy Canada.  It's time to Remove JUSTIN now because we cant afford to wait till 2019.

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