Petition for Henderson County to hold a wet/dry vote re: Farmer and Frenchman NQ2 license

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This petition is being circulated in order to request that Henderson County and the KY State ABC Board reinstate the Farmer & Frenchman's NQ2 (retail drink) license.  The decision came after a third investigation into whether the winery is located in a wet or dry portion of Henderson County. The F&F was granted their initial license without question, and the first two investigations turned up no evidence for ABC to revoke that license.  But continued lobbying and some "friends in the right places," and questionable political donations seem to have changed the other 3 decisions.  The ABC Board had no legitimate legal reason to revoke the liquor license, but in my opinion they just didn't want to deal with the situation anymore. And they knew if they revoked the license that F&F would appeal, allowing them to operate during the appeal, and the matter would be kicked up to the courts to decide. Hopefully Henderson County does the right thing and allows F&F to continue to operate, but this could eventually lead to a public referendum vote on whether to allow F&F to remain a viable business.  This is where this petition comes in!

Henderson County Judge-executive Brad Schneider, a vocal supporter of Farmer and Frenchman, posted a lengthy explanation of what would be needed for a special election on his Facebook account in the wake of the ABC ruling.

A part of that post reads: "One of the ways to restore F&F's ability to hold an NQ2 license is to hold a new wet/dry vote, either in the precinct where the winery is located or as a countywide consideration. According to state law, the most prominent way to force such a vote is for private individuals to create a petition that asks the county to do so .... whoever petitions the county for a wet-dry vote must pay the cost of holding that vote if it is not held in conjunction with a regular primary or regular general election. If the petitioners agree to hold the vote as part of a primary or general election, they do not have to foot the cost."

I want to reaffirm that F&F is still open and serving their delicious food and wine. I just had dinner there Wed night.  This ruling is under appeal and during this process it is business as usual for them! I have posted a statement by Katy and Hubert in the comments, as well as previous articles on the subject.

Right now the best thing that can be done is to support them and the restaurant! Make the trip for lunch or dinner. Take a business associate or friend / significant other. Tell people about this great local establishment. They will need the help of the public, as well as the finances to fight this battle in court.  Signing this petition is another way to help. 

Please sign and share!  Katy and Hubert Mussat are wonderful people who run a fantastic restaurant and winery, and they and their 20 employees deserve to be able to run their business and continue their dream without further harassment.

I have no affiliation with the Farmer and Frenchman and am not in any way related to the Groves or Mussat families.  I am simply a fan of the restaurant and winery, a supporter of small business, and a food journalist and local restaurant advocate.

- Brian

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