Target needs to change how collectible releases are handled.

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Target has dropped the ball multiple times on collectible toy releases. Instead of implementing a pre-order system like other stores, we are left with frustration that we are unable to have a chance to get new releases while scalpers and employees take them for themselves. Funko POP! Crota was supposed to be released 10/15. Most stores either sold them before the set date or are refusing to set them on that date. We were also told multiple times that we would be able to purchase this product online. This never happened. Target has no explanation or answer for why this happens.

With this petition, we will ask target to implement a new way to pre-order and to strictly enforce release dates. We will also ask them to strictly enforce and take action against employees who take collectibles for themselves before they release them. The last thing I would like to see is better communication and answers for why these things happen.